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Professional background removal


Our prices are competitive, even in the global competition arena, and our proximity creates strong business relationships.

Made in Canada

Our skilled and passionate graphic designers are focused on quality, regardless of quantity or complexity.

Fast delivery

We understand the importance of speed of execution. Our team can deliver up to 1000 images in 24 hours, at no extra cost.

Mass photo processing

Our specialty is bulk deep etching of marketing photography for flyers and e-catalogs as well as photos for planography.

we cut everything!

From Simple to Complex

A high-quality clipping path remains one of the most difficult tasks in photo processing. Being able to remove a product from the background of an image requires a master hand. Whether it’s a food product for a planogram or a bike for a catalog, you can’t afford to leave the cutting work to a software. It takes the special touch of a graphic designer to sculpt the product and preserve its actual shape and dimension.  Our team has several years of experience in this field and will process your images manually, with unparalleled precision, leaving no residue.

Lower your costs

Be more efficient

Give us your clipping path images and you won’t have to worry about the labour shortage in Quebec. This will allow your graphic designer to work on bigger projects, such as your brand image. Our professional and dedicated team will deliver your images within 24 hours of your request. Our proximity, quality of service and pricing remain unparalleled. 


Bulk Clipping

We specialize in marketing photography for e-commerce, flyers and catalogs as well as photos for planograms. We offer a fast turnaround time, up to 1000 images in 24 hours, at no extra cost. Tocama Inc. is an efficient, fast, professional and Canadian alternative in the food, fashion, jewelry, hardware, automotive and many more industries.

We cut everything

even prices!


Promotion -20% discount for our new customers

Please note that even in these difficult times, Tocama continues to provide its customers with exceptional service.

We are sensitive to everyone's new reality, which is why we decided to offer our new customers a 20% discount on any order placed through our website.